FAI – Futuro All'Impresa

About us

Futuro all'Impresa
is an Italian independent Advisory Boutique

Futuro all’Impresa was founded in 2008 in Brescia, Italy’s third largest industrial area. FAI is led by a high-performing team of entrepreneurs, managers and management consultants, whose experience, skills and passion combine to help companies deciding over their most important corporate choices.

Futuro all’Impresa’s vaules are reflected in our logo, with the acronym FAI (in English, “to do” or “to act”) denoting our drive to take action and build the future.

Our Vision

At FAI, we build Future Business Prospects, by combining expert knowledge, values and management skills.

Our integrated solutions set us apart, thanks to:

  • our CEO’s “knowledge”;
  • entrepreneurs’ “values”;
  • and leaders’ “management skills”.

Our Mission

At FAI, our objective is to realize the potential of our clients, following a business-driven approach.

We are more interested in our clients’ growth expectations, rather than their current economic or financial performance.

We believe that every business is unique and must be listened to and understood, in order to enable its growth and realise its full value.